For every €1 invested, we are targeting revenue generation of €1.50–1.65 from our businesses.
Opex and capex-related costs are currently estimated to be around €/$ 0.70 cents of the € 1, and over the next 3 years, we intend to bring them to € 0.55 cents on average across the board.
So we will have the ability to generate a very significant amount of free cash flow across the ecosystem.
Almost all investors who have committed capital to us are doing so because of our efficient structure, high growth, and most importantly, our ability to generate a sizeable amount of free cash flow


ELS Edification Plus UK is a well thought out, diverse and dynamic ecosystem, where our potential investor’s € 1 or $ 1 is invested across a wide range of fast growth companies that are within the global ecosystem of the company.
Thereby offering an automatic diversification across range of sectors. So in short , an investment of $ 1 for example is backing a pool of diversified businesses within the ecosystem, which increases the chances of success for a potential investor substantially.
Also, the overall return on the initial investment will be far greater, in comparison if, the same investment was being made in a single company or through a fund.

The subscription In the holding co enables investors to get the maximum benefit of the structure and the entire ecosystem. Also since the entire structure will be listed ( possibly through a reverse takeover or a direct listing) , it allows the investors to have liquidity unlike a fund.
The holdco and the stucco does the parenting of the companies within the ecosystem allowing the individual companies appropriate time to grow, and create values the board