• IST is an accreditation body for international nursery and primary school teachers.

ELS EdificationPlus UK - Training Teachers for 21st-century

Edification Plus UK trains high-quality teachers with ISTC and NSTC certifications for private schools and kindergartens. We understand the demands of teaching and cover a wide range of topics to prepare teachers for the classroom.

Our Certification Programs

We offer two certification levels - IST Certificate and NST Certificate - tailored to different teaching capacities while upholding premier educational standards.

1.IST Certificate - International Standard Teachers Certificate

The IST Certificate program equips teachers to deliver 21st-centruy education aligning with global best practices.

2.NST Certificate - National Standard Teachers Certificate

The NST Certificate program focuses on foundational knowledge and skills for providing quality instruction and care at the national level.

Certificate Program

Key Program

Our certificate programs cover a diverse range of topics including:

1.Child Psychology - Understanding how childeren develop and learn

2.Child Physical Development - Supporting children's growth and motor skills.

3.Food and Hygiene - Providing proper nutrition and cleanliness.

4.Personality Development - Nurturing's ELS-esteem and character.

5.First Aid & School Safety - Protecting children's health and wellbeing

6.Teacher Responsibilities - Fulfilling duty of care and accountability.

7.Communication Skills - English language ability

8.Practicals - Assessing teaching skills like storytelling, rhymes, SWOT analysis, and more.

9.Training - Teachers Personality & Professional Training

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Exam Format

The certification exams feature multiple sections testing both knowledge and applied skills:

1. Multiple choice questions assessing conceptual understanding

2. Written comprehension evaluating communication abilities

3. Case studies measuring analytical and critical thinking skills

4. Role - playing and simulations testing practical teaching capacities.


Based on your performance across sections, you will earn a final grade reflecting your expertise:

A Grade - Scored above 90%

B Grade - Scored above 75%

C Grade - Scored above 50%

D Grade - Scored above 25%

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Preparing Teachers for the 21st Century

Today's teachers need to be adaptable, creative, passionate, patient, and excellent communicators to reach modern students. Our certificate programs equip teachers with these critical skills and knowledge.
We cover key developmental milestones to create engaging lesson plans. Teachers learn how to observe and support children's cognitive, behavioral, social, and physical development. Monitoring progress and communicating with parents is emphasized.
Diversity is also a focus. Teachers must respect and connect with students from all backgrounds. We provide the training to make the classroom truly inclusive.
With our International Standard Teachers Certificate and National Standard Teacher Certificate programs, teachers will be fully prepared to educate and inspire the next generation

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