SMILE Concept - Stimulating Myriad Initiatives Leading to Education

Reimagining Early Childhood Education with ELS Edification Plus
Early childhood education sets the foundation for a child's lifelong learning and development. However, traditional schooling methods often fail to nurture a young child's natural curiosity and growth. ELS Edification Plus offers a refreshing new approach to early education. (i.e) SMILE - Stimulating Myriad Initiatives Leading to Education.

The Drawbacks of Conventional Schooling

Most existing primary schools follow a rigid structure and curriculum that originated in the 19th century. While some schools may incorporate elements of Montessori or play-based learning, the core focus remains on structured academics. This traditional model has several limitations:

  • Strict syllabus and textbooks that do not adapt to individual learning needs
  • Long school days with extended periods of sitting still and listening passively.
  • Strong emphasis on reading, writing, and rote learning from an early age.
  • Repetitive rhymes and stories that lack creativity
  • Store-bought puzzles and flashcards not tailored for conceptual learning .
This factory model of education does not align with how young minds learn best. Demanding long hours of formal book learning and passive listening squelches a child's natural curiosity. The most vital developmental windows are lost to rigid, outdated teaching methods.

The ELS Edification Plus Approach

ELS Edification Plus offers a progressive approach tailored specifically to early childhood development needs. The curriculum is thoughtfully designed by experts based on decades of research and experience.

Here are some key features that set ELS UK Education System apart:

  • Unique international curriculum with an age-specific syllabus
  • Innovative teacher training program on 60+ learning concepts
  • Focus on 21st-century skills like creativity, collaboration, and problem-solving
  • Custom textbooks and notebooks designed for interactive learning
  • Unique rhymes, stories, and puzzles to spark imagination and curiosity
  • Specialized flashcards and techniques (like the pebbles method) for conceptual learning
  • Joyful "SMILE Concept" to nurture natural talents and interests
The ELS Edification Plus program embraces the science of early childhood development. Instead of made-for-all textbooks, lessons nurture individual learning styles and needs. Children learn key concepts through play, interaction, and a holistic curriculum designed just for their developmental stage.

Laying the Right Foundation

Early childhood shapes a child's brain wiring and lifelong success. ELS Edification Plus offers an enlightened approach that works with, not against, a young child's learning processes. The program lays a solid foundation for happy, well-adjusted kids who are ready and eager to learn.


A Journey to Personal Growth and Success

ELS academic curriculum for 21st century pre school children


Club Time

Touch of language - First language

Second language

Easy beams to maths

Explore nature – science

Wisdom classes – GK

Aptitude skill

Realistic observations

Self imagination


Our SMILE Concept Highlights

Customized Curriculum Our Smile Concept ensures that every child can seamlessly transition into kindergarten without disruptions due to changing seasons. The curriculum remains consistent, allowing for a smoother learning experience.

Engaging Rhymes Not all English songs are created equal. Our carefully curated selection of educational rhymes captivates young hearts, fostering a love for language and culture from an early age.

Playful Learning We believe that children learn best through play. Our approach integrates play-way concepts, ensuring that education is a joyful and engaging experience.

Writing Reimagined Bid farewell to forced writing exercises. The Smile Concept encourages a gradual and natural progression in writing skills, respecting each child's developmental pace.

Innovative Teaching, Lasting Impact At ELS Edification Plus UK, we take pride in our innovative teaching methodologies that ensure a lasting impact on each child's education journey.

Our dedicated team of educators undergoes rigorous training through our proprietary International Teachers Training Curriculum. We cover a diverse range of subjects, utilizing our own teaching and learning materials (TLM) for over 60 subjects, ensuring a well-rounded educational experience.

21st Century Learning

  • Technological Integration : Embracing the digital era, we introduce 21st-century learning tools, including interactive e-learning modules and engaging multimedia resources.
  • Unique Textbooks : Our commitment to innovation is evident in our creatively published textbooks. These materials are not just informative but also designed to captivate young minds and stimulate their curiosity.
  • Conceptual Flashcards : Tailored to different age groups, our conceptual flashcards boast unique designs that enhance learning and retention.
  • Holistic Growth, Values, and Current Affairs : We understand that education extends beyond textbooks. ELS Edification Plus UK places a strong emphasis on holistic growth and character development. Our unique rhymes and stories, inspired by current affairs, instill moral values and critical thinking skills.
  • A Brighter Tomorrow, Rooted in Tradition : At ELS Edification Plus, we bridge the gap between the rich educational legacy of the past and the dynamic demands of the future. Our Smile Concept represents a paradigm shift in early childhood education – a shift towards fostering a love for learning, preserving individuality, and embracing the joy of discovery.

Discover ELS Edification Plus - Where Every Smile Sparks a Journey of Learning

Join us today and witness firsthand the transformative power of the Smile Concept. Let your child embark on a journey of education that cherishes their uniqueness, encourages exploration, and sets the stage for a lifetime of success.

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