ELS UK KIDZ Preschool Franchise

Our preschool program nurtures children aged 2½ to 6 years through play-based learning, fostering motor skills, cognitive growth, creativity, and social-emotional development.

Corporate Daycare Franchise

Full-day programs for ages 0-5. Promoting STEAM-based learning through play for 21st-century skills.

Early Childhood Education

The early years are the most crucial for a child's development and growth. At ELS Edification Plus, we provide:

• ELS UK Kidz Preschool Franchise
• Corporate Daycare Franchise
Safe Hands

ELS Edification Plus Babysitting Services

  • ELS Edification Babysitting services provide a safe, nurturing environment for children aged 2-4 years.
  • Around 300 million young children suffer violence by parents or caregivers globally. This is unacceptable, as children deserve love and protection.
  • Our ELS Edification Babysitting services prevent violence against children by caring for them with patience, empathy, and respect.
  • All children have the potential to flourish when given a supportive community. ELS Edification creates a nurturing community for children through responsible babysitting, ensuring their well-being and safety for a brighter future.

ELS Edification is built to provide the highest quality preschool education to nurture childern into responsible global citizen!

High-quality teaching

Teacher Training

  • International Teacher Training - This 1-year program provides comprehensive training aligned with international best practices. Teachers learn innovative teaching methods, curriculum design, classroom management, and the use of technology in education. They gain the skills and knowledge to create inspiring learning environments.

  • Early Childhood Educator Training - Designed for preschool teachers and childcare providers, this 3-month course covers child development, designing developmentally appropriate activities, behaviour guidance, and more. Graduates gain the expertise to nurture and educate young children effectively.

Skills Training

Providing Skill Course and Workshops:

  • 1. Digital Skills: Courses in coding, computer skills, and digital literacy prepare for 21st-century jobs.
  • 2. Arts and Crafts: A 6-month program fosters creativity and handcrafting skills, enabling craft businesses or freelancing.
  • 3. Culinary Arts: From basic cooking to baking, graduates pursue careers as chefs, caterers, or food entrepreneurs.
  • 4. Small Business Management: A 6-month course teaches business planning, finance, operations, and marketing for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Beyond Academics

We are committed to inclusive, quality education for all. Our services include:

Special Needs Services

  • Early Intervention Therapy - Specialized therapies and support for children with developmental delays and disabilities. Helps children reach their full potential.
  • Integrated Classrooms - Children with special needs learn alongside typically developing peers through an inclusive approach. Specially trained staff provide additional support as needed.
  • Vocational Training - Older students get hands-on training in a field of interest to help transition into employment or higher education. Courses are tailored to individual capabilities and goals.

ELS Calm: Prenatal Training

Our specialized training program for expecting mothers focuses on nurturing the unborn child and managing pregnancy-related stress. Conducted over 8 months, it promotes a calm birthing experience through:

  • 1. Training on optimal nutrition and exercises during pregnancy
  • 2. Teaching relaxation techniques like prenatal yoga and meditation
  • 3. Building awareness on stages of labour and birthing procedures
  • 4. Counselling on handling mood swings and anxiety
  • 5. Sharing tips on natural remedies for common prenatal discomforts
  • 6. Guiding mother-child bonding activities to stimulate the baby's development.

The program is delivered in a warm, supportive environment that encourages bonding between expectant mothers

ELS Humanitarian Club

After-school program fosters socially responsible students through volunteering, public service, and skill-building. Key initiatives include:

- Local community service projects - students identify issues and implement solutions through activities like cleaning up public spaces, visiting senior centres, teaching underprivileged children, etc.

- Awareness campaigns on social and environmental causes like hunger, pollution, sustainable living, etc

- Workshops on entrepreneurship, agriculture, manufacturing, and management - equip students with vocational skills.

- Leadership training to develop skills like teamwork, decision-making, problem-solving, and goal-setting

The program nurtures empowered, engaged students who become leaders of tomorrow.


For those looking to learn English or other foreign languages, we offer customizable programs based on your target proficiency level
Conversational language lessons
Business communication
Accent training
Immersion tours and more
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