Achieving Goals Since 2000s

The Genesis of ELS Edification Plus

ELS Edification Plus was founded in 2002 with a vision to transform preschool education. The organization was created out of a need to go beyond academics and instill positive values in early learners. As concepts like child protection, health, and development gained prominence, ELS Edification Plus brought together leading educationists to create a world-class curriculum.
Over the years, renowned experts from the UK, US, India, Finland, Dubai, Singapore, Malaysia, Africa, and Nigeria have contributed their knowledge to enhance our preschool program. Their global expertise has enabled us to revolutionize early childhood education.
2002-2006: We conducted research on child safety, child health, and child education.
2007-2008: We developed a curriculum mapping for 21st-century teacher training.
2008-2009: We strengthened our teaching programs.
2009-2010: We developed the "Smile" concept, which is a holistic approach to early childhood development.
2010-2011: We developed the "ELS UK Education System Calm Birth" program, which is a childbirth education program that helps parents prepare for a peaceful and positive birth experience.
2011-2012: We started pilot projects of our R&D findings.
2012-2013: Many of our projects were ready for market launch.
2013-2014: We researched existing rhymes and created new ones.
2014-2015: We developed the "ELS UK Education System Pebbles touch" program, which is an interactive learning program for young children.
2015-2016: We conducted research on unique infrastructure for early childhood education.
2016-2017: We took a group of students to NASA to learn about space exploration.
2017-2018: We developed an upskilling program for students aged 12-18 years old.
2018-2019: We created puzzles and TLM kits for early childhood education.
2019-2020: We launched ELS UK Education System School Software, ELS Coding Class, and ELS Abacus in collaboration with the Government of Tamilnadu.
2020-2021: We launched ELS UK Education System Language Program, ELS Women Empowerment Program, ELS UK Education System Skill Training Program, and Online Tuition Centre.
2021-2022: We launched ELS UK KIDZ Model Pre-school.
2022-2023: We presented a Market pitch.
Values we cultivate

Our Core Values

At ELS Edification Plus, everything we do is guided by our core values:

Child-Centricity:Every decision is made in the best interest of children. Their needs and development take priority

Innovation:We constantly experiment with new ideas and teaching methodologies to make learning engaging

Excellence:We aim to be the benchmark of quality in preschool education.

Community Development:Our social initiatives promote education, empowerment, and growth.

The ELS Edification Plus Difference

What sets us apart is our whole-child educational
approach backed by a world-class curriculum. Here’s a glimpse

Skilled and Passionate Educators:Our teachers are carefully selected for their knowledge, experience, and love for teaching. We provide ongoing training in the latest pedagogies to help them excel. Their skill and dedication are reflected in children's progress.

Globally Benchmarked Curriculum:Our curriculum incorporates global best practices tailored to local needs. The stimulating mix of academics, enrichment activities, and values education creates confident learners.

Learning by Doing:We utilise innovative teaching methods like activity-based learning, educational games, role play, toys, educational media, and more to make learning interactive and hands-on.

Emphasis on All-Round Development:Equal importance is given to developing language skills, cognitive abilities, creativity, soft skills, life skills, and positive values.

Parent Partnership:We work closely with parents through workshops, app updates, and counselling to involve them in their child’s learning journey.

Learn Anytime, Anywhere:Our e-learning portal allows children to continue learning from home through fun activities, videos, games, and more.

ELS Edification Plus

The Joy of Teaching at ELS Edification Plus

Our teachers consider it a privilege to be part of a child's foundational years. Here's what they love about teaching at ELS Edification Plus:
The opportunity to adopt innovative teaching approaches.
Ongoing training workshops to advance their expertise.
A collaborative environment with peer learning.
Seeing children blossom holistically.
Partnership of trust with parents.
Creative freedom to make lessons engaging.
The culture of excellence and growth.

Join the Movement in Early Childhood Education

At ELS Edification Plus, our mission goes beyond any single child or classroom. We aim to set a new benchmark in preschool education regionally and globally. Be part of this world-class organisation that is nurturing the creators of tomorrow.
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