IKA / International Kindergarten Association

IKA - Nurturing Early Childhood Education
Welcome to the International Kindergarten Association (IKA), a flagship initiative by ELS Edification Plus, headquartered in the UK. We're champions of superior early childhood education on a global scale.
Our mission: support educators, optimize learning techniques, and ensure every child gets a strong start. Through intensive training, state-of-the-art resources, and an engaged community, IKA stands at the forefront of ensuring that early childhood education is both comprehensive and accessible to all. Our commitment: every child, everywhere, deserves the best start in life.

  • The International Kindergarten School and Pre-Primary Schools Association is represented by IKA.

About IKA - We Don't Just Teach, We Cultivate

IKA was founded on the belief that a child's early years are the most crucial for development and building the foundation for future success. Our goal is to shape the landscape of early education by empowering teachers, advancing methodologies, and ensuring access to quality preschool learning for all.
As part of ELS Edification Plus, IKA draws on years of experience and expertise in early childhood development. Since 2002, we have created curricula, trained over 1L educators across 23 countries, and continue to innovate new ways to nurture young minds.
Today, IKA works to build an international community of educators, professionals, and institutions dedicated to excellence in preschool education.

IKA's Focus on Preschool Development

IKA's focus areas include curriculum development, educator empowerment, ongoing teacher development, advocacy for early education, school support, and extending quality education to underserved areas, driving progress and innovation in preschools worldwide.
Specifically,IKA focuses on:

  • 1. Develop global curriculums for early learning using the SMILE CONCEPT and Encourage Learning Skill methodology based on first principles thinking. This promotes creativity, curiosity, and a lifelong love of learning.
  • 2. Creating comprehensive teacher training programs blending best practices from Montessori, nursery, and early childhood education models. This empowers educators with the latest knowledge and skills.
  • 3. Organizing workshops, seminars, and training sessions for the continued development of preschool teachers. This enables the sharing of ideas between seasoned and newly trained teachers.
  • 4. Advocating for the importance of early childhood education to raise awareness about the tremendous potential of the preschool years.
  • 5. Supporting schools with resources, expertise, and community. This allows them to unlock excellence from within.
  • 6. Reaching remote and disadvantaged schools to extend quality early education to all aims to bridge gaps and eliminate disparities.
IKA drives progress and innovation in preschools worldwide, by focusing intently on these key areas.

Empowering Educators Through IKA's Global Platform

In support of preschool educators everywhere, IKA recently launched an exciting new global platform. Designed by educators for educators, it provides an inclusive space for collaborating, learning, and growing.

On this platform, preschools, kindergartens, daycares, and teacher training institutes can connect to:

  • Access courses, workshops, training videos, and material to continue developing their skills.
  • Interact with fellow educators as well as veteran trainers and teaching experts to exchange ideas.
  • Stay updated on the latest research, methodologies, and developments in early childhood education.
  • Share experiences, challenges, and successes with an empathetic community of peers.
  • Participate in forums and discussions centered on improving preschool teaching practices.
  • Find job opportunities and networking avenues within the IKA community.
  • By uniting a global cohort of preschool educators, IKA is helping unlock their full potential while enriching the educational experience of children under their care.

IKA's Vision : Bridging the Teacher Training Gap Worldwide

While many teachers are extensively trained, many still lack access to quality training and development opportunities. IKA aims to bridge this gap. Our vision is to enhance the expertise of educators at all levels, from seasoned veterans to newly entering teachers. And we want to reach teachers in all corners of the world, whether in cities or remote villages.

To achieve this, IKA delivers:

  • Training programs and workshops focused on bridging theory and practice.
  • Continued skill development opportunities through our global platform.
  • Exposure to diverse methodologies like Montessori and ELS UK Education System to expand teaching toolkits.
  • Access to coaching and mentoring from leading educational experts.
  • From Peer learning communities to exchange ideas, resources, and experiences.
  • Targeted support and training for educators in disadvantaged schools.

With persistent effort and commitment, IKA believes this multi-pronged approach can uplift teaching standards universally to ensure excellent early education for all.

Unlock the Benefits of Joining IKA

Joining IKA provides numerous benefits for early childhood educators and institutions.

Access to IKA's global curriculum designed using the SMILE CONCEPT and incorporating ELS International Nursery and Primary Education, Montessori, and other acclaimed methodologies.

Participation in discussions and forums connecting educators worldwide.

Interaction with renowned preschool trainers and experts in the field.

Access to the latest research and developments in early childhood education.

Discounts on workshops, seminars, and other IKA offers

Regular newsletters and updates in the preschool education sphere

Join IKA now!!! Together, our global community is positively shaping the future of early childhood education.